Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Response

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs in Nancy Leigh Demoss' radio talk show said, "Our response is our responsibility." How true! It is so easy for most of us to quickly put the blame on the other person when we feel offended. But, really, what the "other person" actually does is revealing the "reality" of our heart's condition.

When we are offended, we don't waste time to justify ourselves and our natural man quickly suggests we hit back. We think of ways we can get even. Our carnal mind is cunning. It is so good at forming creative weapon to retaliate. Oftentimes, this weapon is so creative that it would look like it is culturally and politically correct. But the mind that is constantly surrendered to the lordship of Jesus Christ functions on a different perspective. It says, "Ouch! That hurts. Does it hurt because it's true? I better do some self-examination." Instead of, "Ouch! That hurts. Here comes my vengeance!"

We are not responsible for the sin of others. What we are responsible for is our own actions. When someone wrongly accuses us, we won't get disciplined or punished for that person's sin. But we will get punished if we hit that person back out of anger or as a way of vengeance. We will certainly know the condition of our heart, whether it is meek or proud, through our response to a "challenging" circumstance.

It is important that whatever circumstances we are facing, we have to make up our mind, through the help of the Holy Spirit, to respond on a way that we know we are making God feel proud of us!

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