Friday, July 22, 2011


Oftentimes, as women we get so stressed out by expecting too much from our ourselves and beyond what we can handle. Most stresses in life can sure be avoided. We need to surround ourselves with honest, loving and godly friends. Also, we need to give ourselves a time to be vulnerable. 

Sometimes, we lose our true friends because we show ourselves to be self-sufficient... and that we don't need anybody. Yes, we do! There is a need for every woman to show vulnerability, so the grace of God and the love from people flow in to strengthen us. This is something that the Lord had to deal with me over the years. I was a proud and a very self-sufficient woman. I had the "girl power" thing! But the Lord had to "demolish" that girl power thing. True freedom and blessings came when I finally surrender it and admit my vulnerability. I had to strip off my "super woman" mask and showed who I really am... a person needing God's grace and people's love. It is the key for my very successful marriage, the first step for my becoming a wife who submits herself to my husband and a mother who doesn't hesitate to show tears to her daughter and explains why. I am no longer afraid of showing my vulnerability because I am free. I do not need to perform to be hailed as a great woman. I do not need it. And the more I grow in this area, I have developed great friendships. Friends that would die for me, if needed, including a husband.