Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love and Fear

Love is focused on others. It is not self-centered. It reaches out to others... sees other people's needs and willingly extend a hand. Fear is focused on protecting oneself. Because of this, most women who has this unhealthy kind of fear talk more about themselves, what they have and are.

Love thinks no evil. Fear broods over potential evils.

Love focuses on the present. Thankful and contented of the blessings today. Fear frets over the future.

Love moves us toward involvement with others. Fear forces us into withdrawal and isolation from others.

Love is based on fact and on faith. Fear is based on emotion

Love is the highest expression of our humanness and Christlikeness. Fear is a base, instinctive reaction that we have in common with the animals.

Love is a mark of a Christian who trusts God. Fear is a mark of doubt and lack of faith in God.

Let's pray that God perfects us in love for this is a powerful antidote to the toxin of unhealthy fear.

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