Wednesday, December 3, 2008

They, too, Love my Hubby!

When I had the "seasoned" ladies at our church over for a luncheon a few weeks ago, they told me how they admire my husband for his being a responsible, hard working, kind, pleasant and godly young man. One of them even said that he is her favorite young man at church. That was not the first time I heard that same comment for my my husband. Some older ladies before told me that Paul is every woman's dream for a son-in-law.

Last summer, Paul and I had a dinner date in St. Paul downtown. Next to our table was an older couple (we found out later that they were siblings) who started talking to us. We started a long conversation with them, especially when they found out that I am originally from the Philippines. It so happened that both of them grew up in the Philippines when their father was in the US navy. Our conversation became more interesting as we covered politics. The lady was a strong Democratic supporter. Paul reasoned with her with kind words. Then the lady said, "I can't believe I am even talking to a Republican supporter! You (referring to Paul) are the first Republican supporter I ever talked to. There is something about you that I really love! Your personality is beautiful! Oh, I love this guy!" Hearing that line I said to myself, "Wow! And he is my husband! I married a noble man!" The next few minutes were spent evangelizing the couple.

Here's more... You'd think only older ladies admire my husband. No. Last week, our next door neighbor told me that her little 3-year-old girl really likes Paul. She would go to their window and check if Paul's van is in our driveway. Then she would say, "Paul isn't home because his van is not there." Our neighbor across the street also has a 3-year old girl. She comes and plays with Isabelle from time to time. When she was over last week, I had a little conversation with her when she asked me where Paul was. I told her, "He is still at work." "What time will he be home?" she asked again. I said, "In thirty minutes." Her little face looked sad and said, "It's going to be my bedtime. I have to see Paul. I have to." I think it was cute how these little girls also love my husband.


janet said...

you must be a proud wifey... and that's a good thing. :)

Deegii said...

Me too!!!! he he he
Not only elder ladies or 3-year-old girls...but i adore and respect brother Paul too!!!
Yes, Di - you really are blessed with a wonderful husband- who is caring, loving, responsible, sincere, kind, giving and Godly....oops i almost forgot and "handsome" as well...seriously...i am sorry ..but i do think your husband is handsome...he he he

I pray that God will give me brother Paul-like man to me...

In God's love