Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Sad Joke

I was blog hopping this morning and saw this photo in one of the blogs I visited. I know it was meant for a joke but it made my heart cry. Is it just me not getting the joke? Others were laughing at it. Maybe it's just me. I have been saddened by the high divorce rate in America. I've known and cried for my friends who have been facing marriage problems. And I know that one root factor that causes a lot of divorces in the country is the discontentment of the wives to stay home and take care of their families in a full time basis. When a wife starts to seek her independence- gets a career outside home which demands a whole lot of time away from her family, when she starts to neglect her main obligations as a wife and a mother, and when she refuses to submit to the headship of her husband, that's when serious marriage problems arise. This is the main reason why I can't laugh at this joke of a picture of a husband bowing down in front of her wife. It would be sinful of me to even imagine my husband bowing down before me. Marriage is a serious thing. It is a godly thing. Satan would do everything to destroy as many marriages as possible. The least we can do to honor our marriages is to take it seriously.


janet said...

that is indeed a total insult to the husbands and even to the wives. i wonder who made that joke? probably one of those unhappy wives... or on the other hand... one of those unhappy husbands... one cannot tell really.

when you come to think of it... it's really a reality.. especially to those who don't fear the Lord... sad, indeed.

Deanna said...

I too am doing a little 'blog hopping' after I just made a post over at my place. Oh boy,... I don't laugh at that joke either!

I love funny humor, but this one is not funny.

I love my husband and I love submitting to him for when I do I honor the Lord. I think that's neat! and I'm thankful that my husband is sweet too!

Merry Christmas!!

litlit said...

Yes, it is not a joke at all. Even I am not married but every time I heard marriages have been broken it made me cried too.