Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Lesson I've Learned

Long before our vacation to the East Coast, I had been looking forward to the fresh seafood available in the area. You see, I grew up just about a hundred feet away from the sea shore. Everyday, we had fish, otherwise, shrimp, crab, squid and literally all kinds of seafood you could name. A vacation to the East Coast was a perfect place for me. I planned to eat grilled fresh Tuna at least one meal per day while we were there. I felt so excited by the thought of it.

When we got there, things didn't turn out as I expected. I don't need to go on with the details. But yes, I was disappointed. I even acted like a perfect spoiled brat. For the last couple meals, I refused to feed myself with the food that was available. For doing that, I didn't only punish myself but also my nursing daughter and my husband who was so puzzled what went wrong. Deep in my mind, I was actually blaming my husband for not bringing us to the restaurant where I wanted to eat at. With that in mind, I started showing some really strange behavior. The thought that it was my husband's fault just kept coming and magnifying itself in my brain. Until I blew it off by verbalizing my disappointment. I totally sounded like some very frustrated, discontented and crazy fellow.

Yes, I acted foolishly. Oh, how easy for us women to see our husband's faults through a microscope and see our own faults through a telescope. Realizing this, I didn't waste time. I came to the Lord and repented of my sin. I also asked my husband to forgive me. Praise God I have a very loving and forgiving husband.

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Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

Wow! I am amused what I read. I see myself like that sometimes. Poor hubby who remains silent those times, and try to understand my craziness. Thank you sa post ate Dine's. We all had disappointments but God's grace is sufficient enough, more than enough actually!