Thursday, May 22, 2008


Our culture has been producing spoiled brats! Children as young as 7 years old have ipods. Even babies rooms are stuffed with unnecessary collections of toys. Christmas and Birthday wish lists are all about toys and clothes! Mothers stuff their kitchen with so many different kinds of small appliances. Master bedrooms must have walk-in closets to accommodate the owners' wardrobe accumulation. Morning newspapers must have catalogs of just about anything you could buy to add to your already full house! But hey, summer is coming and it's time for garage sales! You can sell what you have that you don't want and buy your neighbor's pair of shoes or electric beater.

So much discontentment in this world! It's sickening!

With the demise of manners in our current culture has also gone the loss of gratitude and contentment. I desire to teach my daughter to be grateful for what the Lord has given her, to be content for what she has and to understand that happiness is in living in simplicity. I think the creative and quickest way for her to learn the value of gratefulness and contentment is to let her experience a life away from a place where she could have anything she wants and see how the children across the world could smile and laugh and be happy with so little or nothing at all.

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