Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Normal Days

A friend of mine asked me what my day is like. Well, it's pretty much ordinary. The only thing that makes it special is the thing I learn from God as I spend time with Him in His Word and prayer. Anyway, I will attempt to describe my daily schedule here...

On weekdays, I wake up between 7 and 8 am. I usually go straight to the couch in the family room and continue waking up (I wake up really slow!) under the throw blanket for about 10 minutes. Then, I would walk to the center aisle in the kitchen to turn my laptop on. While it's doing its thing, I would make ham or tuna and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my husband to take to work for his lunch. I would go back to my lappy and open my Audio Bible Online website to listen to a least 3 chapters. Sometimes, I open Revive Our Hearts website for Nancy Leigh Demoss' online radio broadcast. While that is playing for me, I make coffee and eggs for myself. When my coffee and eggs are ready I'd go back to where my lappy is and start following the words in my Audio Bible while having breakfast. Paul is usually done with his breakfast by the time I start mine. Isabelle usually wakes up between 10 and 11 am. By the time she wakes up, I'm done with my breakfast and listening to the Audio Bible and praying. Isabelle, most of the time, calls me to pick her up from her (sometimes our) bed. I'd then go and greet her "good morning" and ask her if she had a dream. Normally, she would say, "yes". Then she starts making up stories. I'd bring her to the kitchen and gave her breakfast. While she is having her breakfast, I'd make the beds. When she is done eating, I take her to her room to change her diaper and clothes. Then, I am ready to face the house work. While she is coloring, playdough, reading her books while listening to her music, I am blogging or blog-hopping, facebooking, doing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and doing three of the following once-a-week chores: talking to friends, vacuuming the floor, cleaning the bathrooms, doing the laundry, ironing and folding clothes, dusting the furniture, fixtures and windows, cleaning the main floor, cleaning the basement and going out with friends. Once in two weeks, Izzy and I are at the Bible study in our church at these hours. Then we have lunch. We always have rice, veggies and fish or shrimp for lunch. After lunch, we usually study and play. I read her her books and teach her numbers, letters,shapes and colors. We also do picture reading. Then, she takes a nap. She usually naps for 2 hours and while she is doing that, I study. Now, I am working on David 90 Days with a Heart like His. After studying, if Izzy is still sleeping, I do journal or scrapping. Then, I would cook for dinner. Paul comes home and we all have dinner. After dinner, I usually chat with family and friends for an hour or two, while Paul and Izzy are spending time with each other. Then, we sometimes watch the news or talk and get ready for bed. So that's my weekday except when I decide to go out with friends shopping or getting together. Interruptions also include traveling- like driving to Winona which rarely happens- just on holidays.

On weekends, we usually wake up at 9 to 9:30 am. We all have breakfast at 10:30. It normally is a long breakfast. We have long conversations on Saturday mornings! We then go out for fun or shopping. Eat out for lunch. When we come home, Izzy naps and Paul and I read or do things around the house. The we go to friends' house for dinner. Sometimes they come to our house. We would talk the evening away. Sleep. Wake up on Sunday morning. Go to church. In the afternoon, I sleep for 2 hours. When I wake up we go food shopping. That's about it.

Izzy and I at Cub Foods- Apple Valley

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