Thursday, January 15, 2009

Examining Selfishness

"I am his because he appreciates perfection!" That line is printed on one of my favorite T-shirts. My husband I have been into teasing each other on the area of selfishness. For instance, one morning he heard my cellphone beeping its low battery notice. It beeps every 5 minutes when the battery needs to be recharged. The beeps really get annoying... they definitely get on my hubby's nerves! So he lovingly asked me to give him my cellphone so he could plug it into the charger. And I said, "that's so nice and loving of you to do that for me." And then I said, "Oh, wait... you really didn't mean to show me some love now, you're actually doing it for yourself because you were annoyed with the beeps!" And of course, we LOL! He says that a lot to me too. One thing I like about our marriage is that we have learned to verbalize our thoughts and feelings for each other. On our first year of marriage, I used to assume that he knows what I think and feel and I was frustrated. Women, Asian specially, have that attitude of making their husbands guess what they think and feel. For me that's not fair. Husbands are humans and so they are definitely not omniscient. My husband loves it when I tell him what I think and feel instead of pouting to cue him that something's not right.

Okay, going back to that line... when my husband saw that for the first time, he said, "oh, thanks honey! Oh, wait... that line actually praises yourself more than it praises me!" So there you go! It's a "got ya" line!

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Gigi said...

I like this hehehe woman thing i learned a lot.. write more more and more.