Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Than a Pretty Face

A woman's countenance, most of the time, mirrors the condition of her heart. Our actions and attitudes are an indication where our roots are planted. When our hearts are rooted in the love, peace and joy of Christ, our outward countenance radiates strength, joy, love and deep sense of well-being. Along these beautiful attitudes, our facial features also tend to soften and skin lines become tempered. No amount of make-up, perfume, professional styling, high fashion, or personal fitness program can create this kind of beauty. And no beautification regimen or stylish clothes or social graces training can mask an unattractive heart- a heart that is full of envy and jealousy, discontentment in life, controlling spirit, worldliness, materialism, selfishness, bitterness and all kinds of negative spirits.

For a godly woman a simple routine of good hygiene, healthy skin care and appropriate attire, gracious manners is enough. Most importantly, having our hearts filled with the Holy Spirit empowers us with vitality and enthusiasm, making us a magnet to other people. Our only goal is to attract others to our lives and ultimately have an opportunity to share our testimony of the Christ who dwells within us.

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